Taxi Rat Berge is a taxi and limousine service for customer transportation and transportation of all kinds.

We have our stands at Belp Airport and at the Bern train station, but you are welcome to pick up at the place of your request.


+41 76 562 76 15

Our cars

Mercedes Viano

  • up to 7 passengers

Mercedes S Klasse

  • up to 4 passengers


Basic charge: CHF 6.50



Mercdes Viano

Regular fare (day and night): CHF 5.00 / km

On order (day and night):CHF 4.00 / km


Over 5 passengers

Regular fare (day and night): CHF 6.50 / km

On order (day and night): on request


Waiting time: CHF 85.00 / h



Regular fare (day and night): CHF 5.00 / km

On order (day and night): CHF 4.50 / km


Waiting time: CHF 85.00 / h


For examples

BERN airport to Bern train station:


Basic charge CHF 6.50

+ on order ( CHF 44.00

= CHF 50.50

BERN airport to Interlaken:


Basic charge CHF 6.50

+ on order (ca. 48 km): CHF 192.00

= CHF 198.50

On request we have great fix prices.